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Whole house semi auto filter

Whole house semi auto filter


Semi Automatic whole of house, clean all the water that comes into your house with this convienient filter. Pure clean water with no chlorine all throughout your house.


The semi-automatic backwash is easy to use and extends the life of the loose activated carbon media by allowing it to be back-washed and cleaned. All sediment and sludge will be flushed to waste, either into the garden,storm water drain attach a hose to where you would like it to go.  Simply by turning a knob, allowing the mechanical clockwork operation to back-wash, stopping automatically at the end of the short cycle. Using this method the carbon media will last the average household  two years, depending on water quality and usage.

Our whole house systems are supplied with all the necessary parts and fittings.

Whole of House Filtration Media - Activated Carbon


Specially treated high activity Granular Activated Carbon with Bimodal Pore Distribution and highly textured surface structure, with no mineral leachates, floaters or pH effect. Application: For the treatment of aqueous solutions containing high concentrations of organic micropollutants through both adsorption and bioassimilation.

Advantages: •High adsorption capacity with a high rate of removal •High Biological Density for shortest EBCT required •Pre-washed to remove floaters & water soluble ash thereby accelerating the commissioning process •pH Stabilised

Typical Analysis: Apparent Density (g/mL)0.35-0.45Moisture as packed (% max.)5Ash Content (% max.)6Water Soluble Ash Content (% max.) 0.5 Iodine Number (mg/g min.)1000Surface Area (BET M2/g min.)1000pH 5 - 8 Hardness Index (% min.)90

Particle Size – Standard Products • 8 x 30 Mesh ASTM 5% max on upper sieve •10 x 20 Mesh ASTM 90% min between sieves •12 x 40 Mesh ASTM 5% max through lower sieve

Packaging: Available in 25kg paper bags and 1.3 m3 bulk bags. Other packaging is available on request.Created 2006.09.22Version 2Activated Carbon Technologies reserves theright to modify these specificationswithoutprior notice.

Whole House Filtration Media - Granular Activated Carbon



Twin 10 inch system 385mm W x 440mm H x 205mm D

Twin 20 inch system 385mm W x 700mm H x 205mm D

Package Contents

Whole of House Cannister and Eerie by pass

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