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Our Spring Flow steam Distillers provide you with the purest drinking water - close to 100% purity - regardless of the water supply.
Spring Flow distillers can turn ANY water into 4 litres of drinking water, at its pure best. Aqua One Australia offers our distillers with GLASS jug to collect water.


How Distillers Work

The steam rises from the surface of the boiling water leaving behind heavy metals, dissolved solids and other impurities, the distiller will kill any bacteria, viruses, and parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Gardia. All unwanted remains stay in the boiling chamber as a residue which is easily cleaned with crystals.

The steam rises to the top of the boiling chamber, entering the fan-cooled stainless steel cooling duct. Then the steam is turned back into water. Although this water is now pure, your Spring Flow Steam Distiller includes a final carbon filter (which will last for a month) as a final filter to remove any residues of organic chemicals. The final filter ensures any chemical that rise with the steam is removed.

Effectively Removes: Aluminium, Arsenic, Bacteria, Cadium, Chlorine, Cryptosporidium, Fluoride, Giardia, Lead, Pesticides & Herbicides, Phosphates and Sodium.

Produces 4 litres in 5-6 hours (at only a few cents per hour).

Also Available: Descale It (480g) Bottle & Replacement Carbon Sachets (Box 12)


Dimensions (mm)

360H x 400W x 230D (including storage bottle)


3.2 kg


580 watts

Package Contents

Includes: Distiller/One glass container/ 6 x Carbon sachets/ Cleaner.

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