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Doulton ceramic filter cartridges

Ceramic Filter Cartridges Brisbane

Doulton water filter cartridges come in many different filters including countertop, undersink and also available for gravity filter urns and crocks. Doulton has made water filters for over 150 years and are perfect for tank water or any filtration with parasites are a problem.


Doulton gravity ceramic filter candle

Genuine Doulton ceramic filter candles for ceramic urns which suit most gravity filters including Southern Cross Pottery, Durand, Steffani and.......

Doulton rio 2000 High Flow Ceramic Filter Cartridge

Doulton filtration for whole house/high flow application.

Doulton super sterasyl imperial filter cartridge

Ceramic and GAC carbon water filter cartridge.

Doulton ultracarb ceramic filter cartridge

Second to none ceramics technology expertise from Doulton.


We can offer a maintenance package on all brands for new and existing systems. We don't just change filters, we clean and sanitise your system.......

Doulton ceramic filter cartridges


Doulton drinking water technologies are based on over 185 years in ceramic filtration technology. These ceramic filter candles are available in 5 grades. The grade you select depends much on which contaminants you need to remove from your water supply.

ContaminantsSterasyl™Super Sterasyl™Ultracarb™
Pathogenic bacteria, cryptosporidium, giardia Y Y Y
Particles down to 0.5 microns (rust etc) Y Y Y
Chlorine (improve taste & odour) N Y Y
Organics N Y Y
Heavy metals (primarily lead) N N Y
Suitable for use in gravity filters Y Y N