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alkaliser and ionisers filter cartridges

Alkaline Anti Oxidiser Orp Mineraliser Energisers

New research has proven the health benefits to alkaline water. Please explore our range of filter cartridges that enhance the beneficial "living" qualities of your filtered water. These cartridges can be supplied and fitted in addition to most standard filtration systems we supply.

Alkaliser stick

Great for travel Just leave the alkaline water stick in your water bottle, add tap of filtered water, shake vigoursly and enjoy oxygenated,.......




Super Stabiliser

Super Stabiliser


We can offer a maintenance package on all brands for new and existing systems. We don't just change filters, we clean and sanitise your system.......

Alkalizer Anti Oxidiser Orp Mineraliser Energisers

Add to your existing system and turn your filtered water into Alkaline Filtered Drinking water.