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InovaAir indoor air purifier

InovaAir indoor air purifier


Australia's leading home air purifier for serious dust, chemical and allergen removal.


Engineered for performance: Manufactured in Australia to medical-grade specifications and suitable for both home and office, the E20 is designed for those suffering from serious allergies, chemical sensitivities and indoor air-quality related concerns.


99.97% (Medical Grade) efficiency at 0.3 microns. Few home air purifiers on the market fail to achieve this because the filters fail to seal properly, are not built to Medical Grade standards and do not have the structural integrity to create an airtight seal with a gasket. In keeping with Medical Grade standards, InovaAir only uses steel in the filter housing construction.
High-FlowT air diffuser on the front of the air purifier creates a unique filtered airflow pattern throughout the entire area, preventing air being re-filtered before supplying the room.
For replacement, filters are easily accessed by simply unlatching stainless steel latches and removing the top of the system.


Can control the direction of air flow to any particular place in home or office.
Is compact and does not create excessive noise.
Reduces the ill effects of dust, allergens and chemicals within the air.



Air delivery (speed 1:2:3 p/hr) 80m³ : 150m³ : 500m³
Chemical, odour and gas filtration 7 kilogram activated carbon filter for the effective removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
Coverage area Up to 100m²
Dimensions 60H x 41.1W x 42.7D cm
Finish Durable and non-toxic attractive light grey semi-gloss powder coat
Particle, dust and allergen filtration 360° intake cylindrical Medical Grade HEPA filter: actual 99.97% efficiency @ 0.3 microns
Portable Castors allow for portability around the home
Power supply 240V, 50Hz, 2.5metre power cord
Quiet operation High quality centrifugal fan motor designed for quiet continuous 24 hour operation
Warranty 3 years
Weight (kg) 25.5 (fully assembled with filters)

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