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Water Filters

Looking for a water filter cartridge. Go no further.

We carry a complete range of water filters and water filter cartridges for most makes and models. If you can't find it on our website, we can most likely get it in.


Turn your tap water into Delicious Drinking Water. The series AUS492T is the ideal solution by offering the best of performance, convenience.......


We can offer a maintenance package on all brands for new and existing systems. We don't just change filters, we clean and sanitise your system.......


Inline fluoride removal filters are a great, affordable way to remove more than 90% of fluoride from your water and they can be easily added.......


Add a Pi Vitality and save 20% 

Pure water has never been more compact.


Add a Pi Vitality and save 20%

Countertop Reverse Osmosis

Add a Pi Vitality and save 20%

Probe Countertop Reverse Osmosis System.


Aqua One Australia has a large range of portable countertop water filters for whatever you want to remove from your water supply,



Semi Automatic whole of house, clean all the water that comes into your house with this convienient filter. Pure clean water with no chlorine.......

Whole House Water Filter

Imagine being able to filter every drop of water that comes into your home. No matter which tap you turn on, you're guaranteed of clean water.......


Is Your Skin Dry and Itchy????

Aqua One Australia stocks a whole range of Sprite High-Output Shower Filter. Sprite Industries are the world leaders of shower filters and are.......


Our Spring Flow steam Distillers provide you with the purest drinking water - close to 100% purity - regardless of the water supply.

Ceramic Water Filters / Urns

Southern Cross Pottery an attractive way to filter your water. We offer a whole range of colours and patterns that will suit any decor. Now.......

Rusco Sediment Filters

Rusco Spin Down Sediment Filters are highly flexible filters designed to be utilized in a wide variety of applications. From whole of house.......

Ultraceram Fluoride Removal Candle

This gravity candle will remove most contaminants including fluoride.

Portable Shower Filter

The Portable Shower Filter made by Sprite attaches to any outdoor tap and will remove Chlorine, Dirt, rust, algae to make sure you or pet is.......

Omnipure In Line Filter K Series

Omnipure Inline K Series Water Filter


Neat and compact, the Royal Doulton Superblock Twin under sink water filter system can be conveniently installed under the sink and comes with.......

Water Filter Spare Parts

We carry a whole range of spare parts for water filters, water coolers, fridge filters and ceramic water urns.


Fridge Filters for all makes and models if we don't have it we will get it for you.

Omnipure quick change Q series filter cartridge

The Q-Series is the ultimate “user friendly” inline filter on the market.

Omnipure carbon block cartridges

Removing chlorine, sediment, taste, odour and organic contaminants.


This insinkerator water filter is suitable for all insinkerator systems.


The Portable Alkaline Ionizer converts regular drinking water into alkaline and ionized water that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime.

Filter for Coffee Machine

Phosphate and Carbon for Coffee Machines

Self Fill Bottle Replacement Cartridge

Self Fill Bottle Replacement Replacement Carrtridge


The Royal Doulton Superblock Twin Under sink water filter system.

Taps and Faucets

We have selection of taps for you to choose.


We carry a whole range of spare parts for countertop / benchtop water filters.

U V Home Water Treatment

UV Filtration for your Home

Super Stabiliser

Super Stabiliser


Baby Bath Ball Filter

Simply hang on your bathroom tap and all your bath water will be filtered


This pure stainless steel gravity filter is ideal if you don't want to carry water. Great for camping trips or sporting activities. Simply.......

Types of Water Filters

Aqua One Aust provides numerous types of water filters including Under Sink Water Filter, Fluoride Removal Filters, QRO4 Undersink Reverse Osmosis, ARO5000 Reverse Osmosis Undersink, Countertop Reverse Osmosis, Bench top water filter, Whole house semi auto filter, Whole House Water Filter, Shower Filters, Distillers, Ceramic Water Filters / Urns, U V Home Water Treatment and much much more.

You will find most if not all of these systems and their varieties are in stock at our store in Morningside, QLD or can be ordered in for your pick-up with a simple phone call to our friendly staff. Pick up the phone and call us if you have any questions, because we are here to look after your water filter needs.