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Bottled Water Coolers

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Bottled water coolers are an easy way to keep your staff hydrated. No plumbing required. Simply fill the bottle with tap water, and the system filters and cools the water.  And we can also supply and fit the replacement filters as required.

The recyclable water bottle can be easily filled, reducing the need to purchase expensive filtered water. The filter is in the dispenser.

Bottled water provides not only fresh water, but it is also great tasting.With all the impurities of tap water removed, the taste of the cooled filtered water will encourage your staff to drink more water.And hydrated staff means not only better productivity but also heap pier and healthier staff.

Convenient for just about any location Aqua One's bottled water cooler can be placed anywhere you within your office or factory for the benefit of your employees and customers.

Save on buying bottled water. Endless cool filtered water on demand!

Not sure what model or type of bottled water cooler you require?

Give us a call on (07) 3395 7122 or request a quote and we will contact you to arrange an onsite inspection to determine your exact requirements.

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