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Bottle Top Cooler

bottle top cooler

The benefit of this system is that it does not require any external means to filter water. Simply fill the bottle from the tap and place it on the cooler, the water then passes through the purifying filter in to the system. No water purchase required.

Freestanding Bottle Top Water

  • Cool & Cold, Hot & Cold and Bench top systems available
  • This energy smart - lead free cooler has a removable reservoir for easy cleaning.
  • High gloss cloud white modern style with self closing taps.
  • Warranty three years on parts and labour – 5 years on the compressor.
  • 15 Litre Bottle

Pure Cool Air & Water Filter

The portable filter unit fits perfectly onto the top of the cooler. Just fill the bottle from the tap, place onto the cooler and you have fresh great tasting healthy water. See brochure for performance details.

Pure Cool brochure

Clean Cold Package

Cool & Cold Water Cooler, 15-litre Bottle, non-spill valve (no spills when replacing bottle) hose to fill bottle, cup holder, complimentary cups, delivery and Installation (metro only).


This includes a full inspection of all equipment by a licensed plumber, sanitation and sterilisation using non-toxic cleaners and a complete flush of all reservoirs every six months. Both cartridges on each unit will be changed at this time. Our computerised system ensures that your scheduled maintenance is done on time every time offering you peace of mind and no hassles, as well we keep all records or maintenance if you should ever need it.