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Extreme Wather Conditions - Even more reason to use Filtered Water

Extreme weather conditions have a direct effect on water-supply which can cause concern to our public health. Water bodies are often contaminated with many chemicals that are also harmful to our health.

For example, fires can quickly pollute the water supply. Two fires burned in the western region of Lake Burragorang which is behind Warragamba Dam in Sydney. The dam constitutes about 80% of the entire city’s water storage. Such bushfires can pose major issues to the quality of water.

These fires leave ash in their wake. Ash is full of carbon and phosphorus. If it travels to the water supply, it can lead to the growth of cyanobacteria and deoxygenation.

Cyanobacteria are micro-organisms that are unsafe for humans. They can also change the odor and taste of water. Furthermore, deoxygenation can make iron and manganese dissolve in the water.

Another example of water quality being affected is by fire retardants. The retardants can kill fish and cause algal blooms in the water, making it unsuitable for drinking.

As bushfires become more prevalent, they will become an ecological disaster when they continue to taint the water in the rivers, dams, and oceans. When there is a heavy downpour, the ash and soot will wash away in the water bodies.

Our waterbodies can collect mercury, ash cyanotoxins, and harmful chemicals. which could cause a long list of diseases in humans and our wildlife. 

If you have ever thought about using filtered water, it is now more important than ever. Reverse Osmosis is the way going forward. It will save us ingesting contaminated water along with a host of diseases. Many people ignore this issue without realising the dire consequences it can have on our habitat.

Fact:  Reverse Osmosis will remove contaminants from the water. Filtered water passes through many quality controls to make sure that there are no impurities left. Filtered water also tastes better. During the reverse osmosis process, many healthy minerals are deposited in the water to make it healthier. This process also helps to maintain the pH of the water.

Reverse osmosis is one of the easiest ways to save yourself from the hazards of water contamination from extreme weather conditions that rule Australia.

Did you know that reverse osmosis is cheap and consumes less energy as compared to other techniques. Reverse osmosis is essential because it removes the smallest of parasites that cannot be removed by many other methods.

The best thing about using a reverse osmosis system is that you can put it anywhere. You don’t need to dedicate a huge space for it. It will happily fit in a small space and provide you all the benefits.

Using filtered water will save you from falling in the dark abyss of health problems that can follow.

The solution is simple. AquaOne Australia’s Reverse Osmosis Water Filters in Brisbane are here to help you choose the best system for you. To provide the quality water for your family and loved ones.  Contact AquaOne Australia to discuss your requirements.  We can provide you with a no obligation quote.