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Benefits of using an under sink water filter

These days under sink water filter systems have become extremely popular in homes and workplaces all over the world. There are many reasons why using an under sink filter is more efficient, healthier and convenient than simply drinking tap water.

One of the simple positives of using an Aqua One Australia under sink filter is access to instant hot or cold water. Living in Australia most of us have to keep bottles of tap water in our fridge throughout the summer. With an under sink filter, you can drink chilled water straight from the tap thanks to the under sink water chiller. Or, if you fancy a cup of tea or coffee, you no longer need to boil the kettle. Your filter will produce boiling water from the very same faucet.

Reverse osmosis water filters will remove 99% of non-organic materials from your drinking water. This will not only render your drinking water healthier but will also cause it to taste crisper and fresher than normal tap water.

Aqua One Australia filters come in a variety of styles to suit any environment, whether it be for your workspace or your kitchen. Under sink water filters are compact, making them ideal for smaller spaces. Since they only require a small tank and a single faucet they are significantly more space efficient than the leading alternatives.

Under sink filters by Aqua One Australia provide more than just instant hot water, instant cold water, and great tasting freshness. They also supply filters that can take in rainwater and transform it into fantastic tasting drinking water. Their Alkahydrate alkaliser filter raises the PH levels of the water while improving the antioxidant qualities. You can also have your chilled water aerated, meaning fresh fizzy water straight from your tap!

Aqua One Australia filters and faucets provide an excellent alternative to an office water cooler. In the long run, it is significantly less expensive, less faff and generally healthier for your staff than simply putting in a run of the mill water cooler. Under sink filters are easy to maintain, simple to clean and extremely cost effective.

Go to Aqua One Australia's website to browse all of the amazing options available to you. No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find it. Crisp, delicious, healthy water is just one simple installation away.