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Benefits of using an under sink water filter

These days under sink water filter systems have become extremely popular in homes and workplaces all over the world. There are many reasons why using an under sink filter is more efficient, healthier and convenient than simply drinking tap water.

One of the simple positives of using an Aqua One Australia under sink filter is access to instant hot or cold water. Living in Australia most of us have to keep bottles of tap water in our fridge throughout the summer. With an under sink filter, you can drink chilled water straight from the tap thanks to the under sink water chiller. Or, if you fancy a cup of tea or coffee, you no longer need to boil the kettle. Your filter will produce boiling water from the very same faucet.

6 Reasons Why Every Business Needs Regular Water Cooler Maintenance

water cooler

Every business needs to portray itself positively in front of its customers and employees. And the best way of doing so is by providing basic necessities, such as water. Hydration is the key to maintaining good health. By providing water coolers, everyone knows that you are a detail-oriented business owner that cares about the bigger picture and the health of the employees. Regardless of the business you own, it is essential for you to have water coolers.   

Many businesses get water cooler rentals instead of buying them. It is not just offices but schools, gyms, factories, etc., also want to ensure that they provide basic facilities. If you are a business that already has a water dispenser, then you must know that getting regular water cooler maintenance is really important. Here are 6 reasons why you need to do so:

Queensland Drinking Water Quality – What Can You Do About It?

Queensland Drinking Water Quality

Have you had tap water in Melbourne and Hobart? The locals are so sure that their water is the best in Australia in terms of quality and purity. And they are actually right, their water can be consumed from the tap as it is without requiring any filtration or purification.

However, this statement cannot be made for the entire country in general.

Considering the north eastern part of Australia, water quality is definitely lower, which makes it essential to install water filtration systems in Queensland and other nearby areas.

Everything You Need to Know about Renting a Water Cooler

In the bustling city of Brisbane, we see households and businesses in need of a clean water system. A buying a water bubbler comes with costs of installation, servicing and maintenance.

Aqua One Australia has the best solutions to this problem! We offer rental schemes to provide full comfort of owning a system for a fraction of the price! All units are up to date with the Australian regulation on water accessibility for workplaces. 

Why have a plumbed water cooler in your office?

Why have a plumbed water cooler in your office?

Staying hydrated makes your staff happier and more efficient and in turn increases their productivity.

As your staff become dehydrated their minds cloud, their cognitive performance slows, their output reduces and irritability sets in. It only makes sense to ensure that your staff are staying hydrated with the availability of cool, filtered water available on tap. A plumbed water cooler is the answer.

As an Australian employer, you have a responsibility to provide clean drinking water within 30 metres of your staff work stations. With each point of access supplying no more than 40 employees.

As the summer temperatures reach record highs, tap water temperatures also increase. Warm tap water simply does not taste good. As the temperature of the water increases more contaminants are absorbed into the water affecting the taste.