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Under Sink Water Cooler

The smart solution to keep your family hydrated

Are you an advocate of healthy drinking water? If yes, then you must keep your family including pets hydrated. Make sure that you and your loved ones drink enough water throughout the day. But sometimes you just get sick of buying and carrying water bottles to your home to keep your family sufficiently hydrated.

Water Purifiers

Choosing the perfect water filter for your home can be overwhelming as there are many varieties to choose from.  Whether you are after a countertop water filter or a complete home water filtration system we are able to help you navigate through the benefits of each to find what works best for you.

Under sink water coolers

Simply put, the under sink water filter diverts the cold water from your pipes via a valve diverter onto the filter before reaching the sink taps.

Benefits of Under Sink Water Filters

  • Under sink water filters improve taste of the drinking water. They ensure that none of the chlorine or fluoride particle can cause unpleasant taste or odour issues in the water.
  • Removal of chemicals which may cause unpleasant taste and odour in the water.
  • Improved quality of tap water.
  • Nice and compact, the Under Sink Water Filter will not take up precious counter space.
  • Can be easily installed without a plumber.
  • Easy to maintain and minimal maintenance required.
  • Providing high-quality drinking water for your household.
  • Cost-effective - no more bottle water required.

Aqua One Australia

Aqua one is the leading brand of water purifiers, water bubblers and water filters in Australia. We aim to provide safe and healthy water everywhere in Australia. We have a wide range of under sink water coolers, filters, and purifiers. Reverse Osmosis, Carbon filters, fluoride removal, and high flow water filters are the part of our offerings.

Please visit our website for further information. If you are looking to get a free quote, please contact us via email or call us on (07) 3395 7122 to discuss you and your families requirements.

Office Water Cooler - Looking after your staff

Australia has some all-exclusive laws about the safety, comfort, and health of the workers at the workplace. These guidelines cover everything from air quality to washrooms and water points. Because of these guidelines, you need to be very sure which of the office water coolers are you actually buying.

Requirements for drinking water

According to the guidelines, the essentials for drinking water are as follows:

  • Sufficient water supply with accessible water points within 30 meters of the workplace 
  • Kitchen and washroom taps should not be drinking water outlets
  • National guidelines for water safety must confirm the water quality.
  • It is mandatory to supply drinking water even where no water mains are available
  • The water supply must be free and a special water outlet must be present covering maximum of 40 employees.
  • In the case of following the above-mentioned rules, the availability of water dispensers and water coolers for the office has become a basic requirement in Australia.

Importance of office water coolers

The availability of water coolers in offices is a simple way to access clean water for the staff. The office water coolers ensure constant hydration that ultimately enhances work performance in many ways. There is a list of benefits that signify how important to have an office water coller in your office.

Some of the basic benefits include.

Clean and freshwater

The office water cooler provides a refreshing, clean, and minimeral-rich experience of drinking water. Easy to use and usually has four dispensing options which may include cold, hot, sparkling, & ambient temparature water.

An environment-friendly option

It is a convenient and affordable option to fill and refill the sports bottles, glasses, and cups with drinking water from water coolers. Moreover, it also positively affects the environment by reducing the use of plastic bottles in offices.

Contributes Towards Health

Office water coolers also contribute to the healthy progression of employers and employees. The minerals in water obtained from water dispensers are highly beneficial for health. Additionally, these available filters purify water. They also reduce bacteria and other pathogens to minimal levels. 

Increase Productivity

Doctors recommend a minimum of 6-8 glass of water intake daily. Drinking water maintains a healthy hydration balance which also assists in raising work productivity.

Having an office water cooler or office water dispenser helps the staff to stay hydrated. It also helps them to focus on their wor making the office water a cooler a must-have in your work environment.

Aqua One Australia

Aqua One Australia offers a variety of water dispensers that makes it easy for you to choose. Options range from bottled water coolers, drinking water fountains, along with plumbed in water units which are also available.

Additionally, plumbed in water units are also available. All these products come with the choice of filtration level for the removal of bad taste. Complex filtering solutions to enhance mineral contents in drinking water and basic level clean water are the two options. You can choose the one that you think would be better for your employees.

Contact us for office water coolers

For further information about the functioning and overall cost of office water coolers for your workspace, you can visit our website, you may contact our customer support team on (07) 3395 7122 for a free quote.

Why use a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter?

Are you sure that you are drinking healthy and consuming lead-free water? Have you heard about reverse osmosis (RO) and RO water filters? No? Then read through this article to find out the benefits of this technology to ensure safe water for you and your family.

Purified water is the need of the hour as various gastric issues can arise because of untreated drinking water. It is time to start thinking about the water filtration process, regardless of the location where you are drinking water.

Need for RO Water Filters

People use water filter systems to get better tasting and smelling water. This technique removes lead, chlorine and bacteria from water leaving water in a pure form and safer to drink.

These water filtration systems provide safe water for drinking. Additionally, they ensure healthy mineral deposits and health pH in your ingesting water.

What Is A Reverse Osmosis Water Filter?

Reverse Osmosis technology removes maximum contaminants from water. It is made possible by passing the water through a semi-permeable membrane making it one of the most reliable water purification methods.

Why Reverse Osmosis Filter Is Best To Use?

A water filter with RO minimises the risk of contaminants. Its special membrane not only filters out the microorganisms, but also the heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, barium etc.

Advantages of RO Water Filter

Reverse Osmosis water filters provide you a far better quality of water than other filters. The benefits of RO water filter are:

  • Improved Taste

Reverse osmosis removes taste and odour problems from water. For this, elimination of foul materials is ensured during the process which in return leaves water safe and healthy to use.

  • Seven Stages Purification System

Reverse osmosis water filters provide seven steps of RO. So, by using these filters you can be sure that you are drinking safe water.

  • Zero Contimination

Reverse osmosis not only removes the impurities and particles present in water. But some of the parasites are also filtered through reverse osmosis membranes. So, if the water available to you has any harmful content, the reverse osmosis must be your first choice.

  • Safe for Cancer Patients

During the process of chemotherapy or radiation non-treated water can cause infection. But RO water is safe for cancer patients as well. This shows the wide range of benefits that you can get by using RO filters.

Economic Benefits of RO Water Filter

The health advantages of reverse osmosis filters are huge. Similarly, it is equally beneficial for economic reasons that it brings in. You can have a look at these reasons below:

  • Simple to Maintain

The main replaceable part in RO water filters is its membrane. Ther are only a few moveable parts making it easy to clean and service saving you time when cleaning.

  • Consumes Less Energy

As compared to other water filtration systems, the energy consumption of reverse osmosis is low. This is why it is more economical. And you can use it easily without worrying about the energy consumption.

  • Expandable

The reverse osmosis water filters can easily be put in congested places too. Smaller spaces are not going to be an issue while using these filters.


AquaOne Australia's Reverse Osmosis Water Filters in  Brisbane provides you a variety of RO filters at competitive pricing.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss options further, you can call us on 07 3395 7122 or send us a message via the Contact us tab.

The Australian School Bubblers

Summers are very long for a most of Australia. Traditionally, school water bubblers were very common in Australia to ensure the availability of water for everyone in the hot weather conditions. But over time, hygiene and purity concerns have made people shift towards plastic bottles.

The conversion from school water bubbers to bottles has decreased the water intake level significantly. In kids, the intake of water is alarmingly low. In the classrooms, you may consider the “crunch & sip” trick working. But in playgrounds and activity areas, water is the last thing that comes in kids’ minds.

Revival of School Bubblers:

Over time, everyone is realising the prevailing trend of low water intake. This is why the concept of school water bubblers is getting prominent in Australia.

A drinking fountain or school water bubbler!!!!!!

In 1980’s, it was commonly called a school water bubbler. But now in 2019 it has reappeared with a new look and a new name, “drinking fountain”.

Why are the drinking fountains important?

These school water bubblers encourage the intake of water, especially in kids. Because of its feature of easy access that comes with it. Research shows that water is more likely consumed by the users when people don't have to carry the water bottles. This will be new information for most of you which you can use it to trigger better habits when it comes to water intake.

Moreover, the use of plastic water bottles is becoming a serious threat to the environment, which has instigated the masses to reconsider their habits. The availability of water fountains in schools can minimise the use of plastic bottles. The presence of these drinking school water bubblers can also encourage kids to use refillable water bottles instead of buying another one.

Features of New Water Fountains:

The latest designed water fountains are highly durable and quality performing with the following features:

  • These drinking fountains provide cold and filtered water. They are ideal for public areas. They can cater high demand of water easily.
  • The new version of school water bubblers is durable, tough and 100% rust proof.
  • These school water bubblers are cost-effective.
  • These drinking fountains are available with water dispensers that directly plumb into the water supply so there is no need to use plastic water bottles. This is a positive impact on the environment as it is decreasing the consumption from plastic bottles.
  • These water fountains have built-in filters that remove contaminants and maintaining fresh tasting water.


The relaunch of school water bubblers or water fountains in Australian schools is done with an aim to provide better access to water, particularly for kids. The installation of school water bubblers with sufficient supply of cool, treated and clean water encourages the students to take in more water.

If you are interested in more information and overall cost, please contact our customer support team for a free quote today.

Refillable Water Bottles - A Boost for the Environment

Are you consuming mineral water in plastic bottles because you think you are getting pure water with all the minerals needed by your body? Well, we don’t challenge this fact completely, but there are consequences of not only drinking water from plastic bottles, but the use of plastic bottles altogether. So what should you do? This article is going to help you in finding solutions to the dilemma of requiring safe drinking water and the use of plastic bottles. 

No need for plastic bottles

Before we proceed further, our main question is, why do we need plastic bottles? We actually don’t need them; we have just got a bit too lazy to find the alternative. Don’t agree? Let me explain scenario. You can easily get filtered water through water filters, right? Then why do we use plastic bottles instead of refillable water bottles? For some people, they are easier to be used with a water dispenser, whereas for others, plastic bottles can be easily carried. But don’t you think, both the above points would be neglected if you used refillable water bottles for your filtered water.

Facts on plastic bottles

Why are we so against these plastic bottles? Because they are not only using our precious resources, they are also creating survival issues for the entire ecosystem. A single plastic bottle you use can take up to 700 years for decomposition. Just imagine, the number of plastic bottles that you have disposed of to date. Did you know 90% of the cost that you pay for the plastic water bottle is for the container itself? It is clearly impacting your personal resources as well as the Earth on which we all live. Imagine the benefit to our ecosystem if we all used refillable water bottles.

What’s the alternative?

We can easily switch to filtered water by installing water filters everywhere. The water won’t be any different than the bottled water, but you’ll be saving your planet by using refillable water bottles. If you have made up your mind on using water filters, then you should have an idea about the type of water filters available.

Types of water filters

Following are the main types of water filters available: 


As the name indicates, these water filters can be placed under the sink, and you can get the cleaned water through your tap for the home or office. These water filters consume less energy and can allow you to adjust the temperature of the water.

Whole house

You can install the filtration system that can provide clean filtered water to all the taps in your home. This would make it possible to drink filtered driking water from any tap in your home and using refillable water bottles for the fridge.

Shower filters

For bathing, you can attach the shower filters with your shower providing you with access to soft water all the time.

Standalone water filters

These water filters can be placed anywhere and can provide clean drinking water for you. Some of them are small and portable as well, making it easier for you to take with you.