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How Water Quality Affects Your Plumbing

Did you know that water can quality affect your plumbing system?

‘Bad’ water can have adverse effects on copper pipes in your plumbing system over time.  This often results in needing to call in a plumber to replace the pipes.

Hard water also can be an issue for your plumping services as hard water does contain extra minerals such as calcium and magnesium. It is not necessarily bad or for gardening or human consumption, but it is not suitable for many other places. 

When hard water goes through the pipes at your home, it can leave deposits of minerals. This narrows the diameter of the pipes and as the pipes constrict, it is a simple law of Physics that the pressure in them will increase. 

By installing a “Whole House Water Filter” this will tackle the issue as the filtration system will work to ‘soften’ the water. 

Its basic principle works on replacing ions. For example, it will replace the minerals that cause the water to become hard, with sodium ions. The water first passes through a bed of beads that are coated with sodium or potassium ions. When the beads filter out all the ‘hardness chemicals,’ the water softening process stops and delivers water through the pipes. Once it replaces all the ions, it will wash away the mineral build-up, dirt, and sediments that clogged your pipes. 

After the beads fill up with minerals, they need to be flooded with a brine solution that contains sodium and potassium. 

Using a water softener also makes it easy to shower and do laundry as you will need lesser soap now. Your skin and clothes will feel softer due to soft water. The ions that cause hardness can also cause galvanic corrosion. So, it is vital that you install a water filter that softens the water. 

There are automatic filters that will automatically recharge at specific times to avoid a lack of water in the home. Some have a metered model that will recharge as soon as the water level falls. 

There are different types of water filters that remove different chemicals from the water. They can also prevent the accumulation of algae, bacteria, and fungi from the water system in homes. 

Installing a simple water softener reduces the need for expensive water treatments. Taking action early will help minimise expenses in the future.

If you would like to speak to one of our knowledgeable team members regarding a Whole House Water System, give Aqua One Australia a call and when can discuss the best system to suit your needs.

Back to School with Reusable Water Bottles : Fill from the Bubbler

Let’s go back to school and make our contribution to saving the environment. Everyone loves to talk about environmental conditions, but there is hardly anyone who comes up with a solution. 

We have a solution for you: a quick and easy solution. You don’t have to do something very big to leave your mark and take a step towards change. Often, it is tReusable Drink Bottleshe small steps that leave their footprints. 

So, the good news is that you can help to fight and save the environment too. 

So, what’s the secret?

Replace your plastic water bottles with reusable water bottles - it's that simple!  School aged children are able to refill their bottles from the school bubblers.

In our schools, school bubblers have over the past few years due to the preference to purchase a store bought water bottle when required.  Often these are only a single use water bottle which is discarded once emptied.

Sometimes going back in the past can be the solution to many problems. This is one of them. 

By simply replacing our store brought plastic bottles to reusable bottles and children taking advantage of school bubbles, this alone can have a huge impact on environmental issues.

The best thing is that reusable water bottles have many far-reaching benefits. 

First, they save you a lot of money that you spend on purchasing a new bottle whenever you are thirsty. Imagine how much you can save in just a week!

Furthermore, the benefits extend beyond you. Did you know that producing one year’s worth of water bottle can save a lot of oil – about 17 million barrels! To put this into context, this oil can be used to fill 1.3 million cars for an entire year. Imagine the amount of oil that we are wasting on water bottles that we will just throw away. 

However, the story doesn’t end here. Bottling water release 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide gas. You might already know that carbon dioxide gas is the one that contributes to the greenhouse effects and leads to global warming and a host of such issues. So, by just drinking from a reusable water bottle, you are doing a huge disservice to the environment. 

When we throw away the plastic bottle, it continues its trajectory of pollution to the ocean. Statistics believe that plastic waste kills 1.1 million marine organisms every year. 

There are studies out reporting that water bottles are bad for your own health. They are constituted of chemicals that can lead to breast cancer, asthma and even reproductive problems. 

So, changing our lifestyle to include reusable bottles can help to protect animals and save their lives. They can save millions of dollars all over the world that can be spent in other places. 

Moreover, reusable water bottles are recyclable. So, they don’t fill the environment with waste that cannot be recycled. 

If you are looking at ways to minimise your environmental impact, contact AquaOne Australia.  We are happy to quote.

Extreme Wather Conditions - Even more reason to use Filtered Water

Extreme weather conditions have a direct effect on water-supply which can cause concern to our public health. Water bodies are often contaminated with many chemicals that are also harmful to our health.

For example, fires can quickly pollute the water supply. Two fires burned in the western region of Lake Burragorang which is behind Warragamba Dam in Sydney. The dam constitutes about 80% of the entire city’s water storage. Such bushfires can pose major issues to the quality of water.

These fires leave ash in their wake. Ash is full of carbon and phosphorus. If it travels to the water supply, it can lead to the growth of cyanobacteria and deoxygenation.

Under Sink Water Cooler

The smart solution to keep your family hydrated

Are you an advocate of healthy drinking water? If yes, then you must keep your family including pets hydrated. Make sure that you and your loved ones drink enough water throughout the day. But sometimes you just get sick of buying and carrying water bottles to your home to keep your family sufficiently hydrated.

Water Purifiers

Choosing the perfect water filter for your home can be overwhelming as there are many varieties to choose from.  Whether you are after a countertop water filter or a complete home water filtration system we are able to help you navigate through the benefits of each to find what works best for you.

Under sink water coolers

Simply put, the under sink water filter diverts the cold water from your pipes via a valve diverter onto the filter before reaching the sink taps.

Benefits of Under Sink Water Filters

  • Under sink water filters improve taste of the drinking water. They ensure that none of the chlorine or fluoride particle can cause unpleasant taste or odour issues in the water.
  • Removal of chemicals which may cause unpleasant taste and odour in the water.
  • Improved quality of tap water.
  • Nice and compact, the Under Sink Water Filter will not take up precious counter space.
  • Can be easily installed without a plumber.
  • Easy to maintain and minimal maintenance required.
  • Providing high-quality drinking water for your household.
  • Cost-effective - no more bottle water required.

Aqua One Australia

Aqua one is the leading brand of water purifiers, water bubblers and water filters in Australia. We aim to provide safe and healthy water everywhere in Australia. We have a wide range of under sink water coolers, filters, and purifiers. Reverse Osmosis, Carbon filters, fluoride removal, and high flow water filters are the part of our offerings.

Please visit our website for further information. If you are looking to get a free quote, please contact us via email or call us on (07) 3395 7122 to discuss you and your families requirements.

Office Water Cooler - Looking after your staff

Australia has some all-exclusive laws about the safety, comfort, and health of the workers at the workplace. These guidelines cover everything from air quality to washrooms and water points. Because of these guidelines, you need to be very sure which of the office water coolers are you actually buying.

Requirements for drinking water

According to the guidelines, the essentials for drinking water are as follows:

  • Sufficient water supply with accessible water points within 30 meters of the workplace 
  • Kitchen and washroom taps should not be drinking water outlets
  • National guidelines for water safety must confirm the water quality.
  • It is mandatory to supply drinking water even where no water mains are available
  • The water supply must be free and a special water outlet must be present covering maximum of 40 employees.
  • In the case of following the above-mentioned rules, the availability of water dispensers and water coolers for the office has become a basic requirement in Australia.

Importance of office water coolers

The availability of water coolers in offices is a simple way to access clean water for the staff. The office water coolers ensure constant hydration that ultimately enhances work performance in many ways. There is a list of benefits that signify how important to have an office water coller in your office.

Some of the basic benefits include.

Clean and freshwater

The office water cooler provides a refreshing, clean, and minimeral-rich experience of drinking water. Easy to use and usually has four dispensing options which may include cold, hot, sparkling, & ambient temparature water.

An environment-friendly option

It is a convenient and affordable option to fill and refill the sports bottles, glasses, and cups with drinking water from water coolers. Moreover, it also positively affects the environment by reducing the use of plastic bottles in offices.

Contributes Towards Health

Office water coolers also contribute to the healthy progression of employers and employees. The minerals in water obtained from water dispensers are highly beneficial for health. Additionally, these available filters purify water. They also reduce bacteria and other pathogens to minimal levels. 

Increase Productivity

Doctors recommend a minimum of 6-8 glass of water intake daily. Drinking water maintains a healthy hydration balance which also assists in raising work productivity.

Having an office water cooler or office water dispenser helps the staff to stay hydrated. It also helps them to focus on their wor making the office water a cooler a must-have in your work environment.

Aqua One Australia

Aqua One Australia offers a variety of water dispensers that makes it easy for you to choose. Options range from bottled water coolers, drinking water fountains, along with plumbed in water units which are also available.

Additionally, plumbed in water units are also available. All these products come with the choice of filtration level for the removal of bad taste. Complex filtering solutions to enhance mineral contents in drinking water and basic level clean water are the two options. You can choose the one that you think would be better for your employees.

Contact us for office water coolers

For further information about the functioning and overall cost of office water coolers for your workspace, you can visit our website, you may contact our customer support team on (07) 3395 7122 for a free quote.