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School Water Coolers

We have a wide range of water coolers for schools including bubblers, troughs, remote water coolers, Aqua Cooler, water fountains and water bubblers.

Bench Top Plumbed In Cooler

The SD5C series Plumbed in Bench Top Water Coolers provide a endless supply of refreshing cool & room temperture water. These chillers connect.......



Great tasting cool filtered water. Simply fill the bottle from the tap NO MORE BOTTLED WATER. 

Polyethylene Water Fountain / Bubbler

The RM polyethelene vandal proof water fountain / bubbler provides 30 litres per hour.

Remote Chiller WR45

This Australian made WR45 Wall Remote chiller can be attached to trough and basin. This unit will provide enough cold water for 2 taps.


Needs lots of cold water? Add a chiller to an existing trough with bubblers.Perfect for schools and anywhere you need high volumes of cold water.

Self Fill Filter Bottle

Filtered water bottle, perfect for any cooler. No more expensive bottle water just simply fill from the top of the bottle and you have cold.......

UT1 Remote Water Cooler

Cold Water for up to 4 taps

Wall Mounted Bubbler

These units can be mounted onto any wall at any height for either wheel chair access or for pre schoolers. 

Wall Mounted Hot Water System

The Boiling Billy wall mounted boiling water units will provide piping hot water for tea, coffee when you don't want to stand around and.......

Water Cooler Plumbed

Water cooler rental or for sale for your office. Maintenance can be included for no fuss constant plumbed in water for your team. Call 07 3395.......


We can offer a maintenance package on all brands for new and existing systems. We don't just change filters, we clean and sanitise your system.......

Water Coolers for Schools

We have 25 years of experience in water coolers for schools. We can supply and install water bubbler troughs, with remote chillers or just single bubblers.

We use Aqua Cooler but will source the right cooler to suit your needs. In a lot of cases it is best to use remote cooolers on existing troughs which can supply to 90 litres of cold water to your bubblers. allowing access at up to 6 bubblers at any one time.We are experts in this area and have supplied coolers to hundreds of schools over the last 25 years.

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