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Bench top water filter

Our bench top water filter will give you an unlimited supply of filtered water. Easy to install directly on the bench. No longer have to worry about bulky water bottles once our space saving benchtop water filtration system is installed.

SAM 8267 new

The quality of our drinking water is a growing public concern. Every day there are reports of water supplies contaminated by industrial and agricultural pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency has stated: "We can no longer take the purity of our drinking water for granted."
In addition to those concerned about safety, millions more are dissatisfied with the poor taste of their drinking water. The series ACT491 is the ideal solution to these concerns by offering the best of performance, convenience and quality.


The work horse is a special high grade carbon cartridge which has excellent adsorption qualities specially designed to remove chemicals: Chlorine, chloroform, ammonia, pesticides, herbicides, lead, copper, arsenic, mercury as well as parasites – giardia and cryptosporidium (Sydney's drinking water problem) see cartridge report for more detail results of this amazing AC490 cartridge.

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Simply Attach in to your Kitchen using the Divertor valve Provided
  • Australian Tested & NSF Approved
  • Totally Portable, Ideal for Travel
  • Quick easy cartridge Replacement
  • Twin or Single Cartridge

Flow rate: 3 litres per minute

Cartridge Replacement:Carbon Work Horse - 12 months

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