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Get Filtered!

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Air Purifiers

Want clean pure air filtered free allergens

Do you suffer from asthma? Do you want to get rid of dust mites, chemicals and other pollutants from your air. A portable air filter will fix all your problems.


Australia's leading home air purifier for serious dust, chemical and allergen removal.

Perfect for allergy & asthma sufferers in any room and small offices

Excellent value being the only medical-grade HEPA air purifier in Australia in this price range which will reduce all air borne allergens.

  • Certified medical-grade HEPA filtration 99.97% @ 0.3 microns.
  • High airflow quickly reduces ambient dust, allergens and chemical pollutants.
  • Plastic-free, chemical-free all steel powder coated construction.
  • High efficiency Pre-filter
  • Final stage activated carbon filter.
  • Same medical-grade HEPA filtration normally only found in larger, more expensive air purifiers.
  • HEPA filter Life up to 5 years for low running cost.


  • Effective in areas up to 20m2, suitable for bedrooms or small offices.
  • Highly effective in removing dust, allergens.
  • Portability, easily moved from room to room on wheels